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→‎One Week Left!: ਨਵਾਂ ਭਾਗ
(→‎1st week of WAM: ਨਵਾਂ ਭਾਗ)
(→‎One Week Left!: ਨਵਾਂ ਭਾਗ)
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== One Week Left! ==
Hi there!
Thank you for volunteering to organize [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month|Wikipedia Asian Month]] - we are doing something amazing! We are expecting to have 1,000 participants improving over 1,500 articles, possibly making Wikipedia Asian Month the largest long-term edit-a-thon ever. Here are a few tasks that need to be completed at the end of the event, as well as some tips you can take to achieve greater success.<br />
# Check all submitted articles before '''15th December, 2015''', and send me a data set that includes: total number of submitted articles, number of qualified articles, total number of participants, and articles selected for DYK. For the few Wikipedias that allow article expansions, please also send me the number of new articles vs. improved articles. [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month/2015 Result|Use this page]] to submit results.
# List all qualified organizers, up to five on each Wikipedia. Qualified organizers are ones who work actively; those who only have their name on the page or just made a few constructive edits for the event (less than, say, 5-10 edits) will not be counted. Due '''20th December, 2015'''. [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month/2015 Organizers|Use this page]] to submit organizers.
# List all qualified editors who can receive a postcard on [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month/2015 Qualified Editors|here at meta]]. Also, please determine the Wikipedia Asian Ambassador of this year. For some Wikipedias, we are also honoring the second greatest contributor as an ambassador, as long as they have created at least 30 articles. Please talk with me about these potential additional Ambassadors. Due '''25th December, 2015'''. [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month/2015 Ambassadors|Use this page]] to submit Ambassadors.
# Create a local results page. A sample page will be provided soon. Due '''30th December, 2015'''.
'''Tips and Extras''':
# Place <nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[:en:Template:WAM talk 2015|WAM talk 2015]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki> on talk pages of qualified articles to record that it was created as a part of Wikipedia Asian Month. If your Wikipedia does not have an equivalent template, make one! See [[:en:Talk:The Pear Tree|this talk page example]] to see the template in action.
# Translate the message [[:m:User:AddisWang/mass/WAM#Final Week of Wikipedia Asian Month|at this page]]. This message will be sent to all participants on your local Wikipedia to encourage their participation. Let me know when you finish the translation. For some Wikipedias that have fewer editors, you can send it by yourself.
# If you haven't started to check articles, try to give at least one result to each participant to let them know their contribution are qualified, or why they do not qualify.
# If you find out that some editors on your local Wikipedia are editing Asian Content but haven't sign up yet, send them a short invitation to ask them join. All edits made in November will be counted regardless of when the editor signed up.
'''Rules Clarification''':
*Since it is hard for organizers to keep the checking process very quickly, and may cause some editors who submit five articles being told one of their article does not qualified after the end November. We will still send postcards to those who submit five articles but one of those does not qualified with a minor problem. Minor problems include:
*#Needs a few words to reach 300 words.
*#Has a less-important issue tag.
*#Needs to count one or two edits in the end of October or beginning of December to be qualified.
Best Wishes,<br />
[[:m:User:AddisWang|Addis Wang]]
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